Kurschat installed in various application fields industrial measurement solutions. The systems are based on the specific customer requirements and the long experience of our application engineers. All systems document the measurement results and are prepared via bus systems for implementation into corresponding control loops.

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Test for the fully automated material testing of floor coverings

Contact with punch and ball pressure test with analysis of the indentation depth and the residual indentation depth by Time. Fully automated sample handling with documentation of results.

Test for the determination of the displacement force of car steering columns

Fully automatic lubrication and fitting of shafts and sleeves with teeth and subsequent verification and documentation of the displacement force. Also available as a manual or semi-automated jobs.

Handling for shafts and sleeves: “bin-picking”

Handling systems with automated location detection and alignment of shafts and sleeves, which are delivered in transport containers.

Handling for shafts and sleeves: “positionally accurate filing in plastic trays”

Handling systems with automated location detection and alignment of shafts and sleeves, which are stored in Kunstofftray.

2D cross-section measurement (scan), and control

Non-contact-line cross-sectional measurements with laser scanning sensors and controlling the draw-off speed for the extrusion of foam seals.

Location orientation and mounting of sealing rings on shafts

Alignment of shafts with two flat, mounted on the a corresponding Duch Tung. Bearing the seal detection via image analysis, pairing the shaft and seal and documentation of the force curve during assembly.

Non-contact thickness measurement of brake pads

Non-contact thickness measurement of powder coating using a combination of inductive distance measurement sensors and laser light section sensors.

Collision detection for ship unloader

Monitoring the relative positions of the discharge space by inland waterway vessels with the axes of motion of the ship unloader. The system monitors the movements of the ship and the unloader and engages in a possible collision case in the SPS control of the discharger.

Surveying of the tooth pitch / the tooth pitch in the manufacture of endless-belt

Non-contact measurement of tooth profile in the production process at two positions and thus continuous monitoring of the pitch under tension.

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